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In the first part of our directory you will find a variety of writings on various aspects of project management, such as basic terms and principles, project planning, project leadership, problem solving, and advice for managing special projects like IT projects or new product development projects.

In the second part, we have compiled articles that discuss some particular project management tools: critical path method, PERT charts, and Gantt charts.  

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 How Will You Measure Your Life? by 2013 Thinkers50 Award Winner Clayton M. Christensen



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02 December 2007

Agile Project Management for IT Projects This book chapter is about applying Agile methods in an environment that may be more familiar with high ceremony project management methods – methods that might be considered heavy weight in terms of today’s agile vocabulary.   
Are You On Schedule? If you are wondering where your project really stands in its schedule, don't guess, measure! In this article, Greg Githens provides five rules for developing status metrics and covers pitfalls-to-avoid in "enterprise PM software" for new product development program management.   
Back to Basics IT Projects are characterized by changing technologies, uncertainty, and shifting business needs and objectives. Review core project management basics and increase the chances for ongoing IT project success.   
Basic Project Management A presentation on the basics of project management.  
Benefits Management Benefits Management is often the poor relation in the programme management arena. We devote time and effort to defining, planning, monitoring and managing our projects but we could give great deal more thought to the purpose of each project. Benefits Management is concerned with the beginning and end of project management and surrounds each project.   
Benefits Realisation Management – Toolkit for Project Managers The aim of this paper has been to provide Project Managers with a simple, straightforward guide with which to introduce Benefits Realisation Management (BRM) to their projects.   
Can A Project Manager be a Servant Leader? A Reflective Critique. Can a project manager be submissive to those on his or her project team, and still be a leader?   
Computer-Aided Project Management A Visual Scheduling and Management System. This work presents a new efficient and effective method for the control and allocation of resources employed in the creation of a product.   
Earned Value Project Management A model for project performance valuation in Ericsson AB. This thesis examines the earned value method for project performance valuation.   
E-Collaboration Effects for Distributed Project Management This paper uses grounded theory to analyze data on virtual teams. The analysis uncovers “effects” in the way distributed projects are managed. 2005  
Executive Control with Flexibility in Managing Capital Projects The need, management philosophy, features, organization and planning a work breakdown for project managing capital works.   
Finding Humor in Project Management Project Management and Project Managers are not considered to be overtly funny. This presentation will contrast project management humor with that of other professions, show that leading companies are incorporating humor in the workplace, and give suggestions for finding humor in project management.   
From crisis to control: New standards for project management Wayward or doomed are the projects that are poorly managed. This author proposes standards and metrics that will make a project initiated a project that succeeds.   
From Project Management to Program Management The differences between programs and projects: Program is the by-product of a strategic planning process that aims to deliver the visions of a future goal (strategic outcomes) while projects are the various tactics in achieving such strategic objective. The roots of Program Management are project management technique and methodology. However, Program Management focuses on delivering benefits and new capability instead of deliverable.  
Glossary of PM Terms    
He's Become BankAmerica's "Mr. Project"  Chris Higgins never met a project he couldn't lead -- or a project leader he couldn't teach. Here's how he gets things done.  
Hierarchy of Project Objectives Having a clear and concise definition of project objectives early in the life cycle is an important ingredient for success.  
How to be perceived as an effective project manager Perception is said to be more important than reality. Some brief principles to apply in order to improve your position.  
How to define success for your project You can’t be done if you don’t know what done looks like!   
How to Kill a Troubled Project Do you know how to shutdown a project before it is too late? Check out the structured methodology that this flowchart contains for ideas how.  
Implementing an Effective Lessons Learned Process in a Global Project Environment Unfortunately, very few organizations can claim they have an effective Lessons Learned process that  spans their global project operations. This paper discusses the barriers to implementation of an effective Lessons Learned process as well as the keys to success in overcoming these barriers and having a process that truly adds value to the organization.   
Introduction to the Rudiments of Project Management The purpose of this paper is to introduce you to the rudiments of project management. The module is divided into subsections which introduce some basic terminology of project management, describe the characteristics of successful projects and provide practical advice on creating a simple yet useable project management plan.   
Leading complex projects: Learning through Action Research  The authors describe how an Action Research Consortium was set up  and propose that there is a need to build and maintain bridges between the hitherto separate fields of project management, leadership development and organisational learning.  new
Lessons Learned Critical lessons learned from 327 project teams  
Management Style and Project Type Optimizing Success by Matching Management Style to Project Type  
Managing Complex Development Projects A Systemic Toolkit Based on the St. Gall Management Framework. The aim of this paper is to help project managers to enhance their capability of dealing effectively with complex change  and development projects.   
Managing Difficult Projects Discovery, strategy, definition, managing contracts and people are all serious challenges in large and complex capital projects. The author shares his experience and advice. These projects are difficult because they involve a high level of investment or are very tightly controlled with limited funds.   
Managing Pilot Projects Describes how pilot projects best structured and managed.  
Managing the Project Environment More and more, project managers must have concern not only for the physical environment, long term and short, but also the social environment. This paper suggests how.   
Owning Innovation: Risk Management in IT-Enabled Transformation Projects This Perspective lays out how to approach the problem of risk in large-scale, innovation-heavy IT transformation projects; how companies can address any gaps they may have in the capabilities needed to succeed at such projects; and why taking ownership of innovation is the right decision. 2011  
Personality Traits Dominant Personality Traits Suited to Running Projects Successfully (And What Type are You?)   
Planning a Project The success of a project will depend critically upon the effort, care and skill you apply in its initial planning. This article looks at the creative aspects of this planning.   
Program Management Definition These short notes provide five definitions of program management.   
Program Planning and Control The program planning process by consolidation, Problems with the Consolidation Model, Strategies for implementing the existing process, The Delegation Model - The New Approach  
Project Cost Control: The Way it Works It's not that difficult in theory. It's a lot more difficult in practice. This paper takes you right through the project life span.   
Project Initiation A consultancy approach: the project plan, project control log, project completion, Project initiation checklist of requirements  
Project Lifecycle Model The project lifecycle is a pivotal concept in the understanding of projects. However, there seems to be an almost endless confusion over what the project lifecycle is.  
Project Management Appraisal Testing the Effectiveness of Your Project's Management.   
Project Management Guidebook Ebook with a description of each of the steps in the project management lifecycle.  
Project Management Methodology in Human Resource Management This article provides an overview of project management methodology, when it should be used, and how it can add value to human resources management.   
Project Management of Capital Projects - An Overview This paper looks at the difficulties of managing modern capital projects and endeavours to reduce the complexities to simpler and more understandable terms.  
Project Management Process Maturity ?PM?2 Model This paper presents the project management process maturity (PM)2 model that determines and positions an organization’s relative project management level with other organizations.   
Project Management Simply Explained A Logical Framework to Help Your Understanding.   
Project Manager to Project Leader and the Rocky Road Between... Leadership, management and team building, while all closely allied, are sufficiently different in the project environment that they require special study.   
Project Pitfalls: From Symptom to Solution When IT initiatives fail, it's often the people, not the technology, that's to blame.  TOP
Project Risk Management – An Executive Concern Actively Manage Risk to Deliver Capital Projects on Time and to Budget! The main objective of this paper is to highlight how important it is for companies to proactively manage risk in the delivery of their capital projects to ensure that capital projects are completed on time and to budget.  new
Project ROI As the economy slips into recession, companies are insisting that projects provide a concrete ROI. Standardized processes and sound measurement systems can ensure that projects live up to their business case.  
Project Teamwork, Personality Profiles and the Population at Large:  Do we have enough of the right kind of people?   
Project Types Toward a Fundamental Differentiation between Project Types   
Results without Authority: Controlling a project when the team doesn't report to you  "Your" team may not report to you in the traditional sense of the corporate hierarchical organization chart in which you have line responsibility for the care and keeping of your staff including salary and employment.   
Risk Assessment The Concept of Risk, Its Management, and the Benefits to an IT Project. This document describes the foundations for conducting a risk assessment of a large-scale system development project.   
Sifting through Project Data: The Most Important Data Elements  A subset of project management called earned value was developed by the U.S. Department of Defense in the 1960s. It is considered to be the best method for tracking and controlling the performance of a project. 2006  
Splitting a Project into Small Bits See the benefits of splitting a project into small bites   
Ten Rules for Project Managers Just that - not more and not less  
The Project Management Experiment This report from 1988 covers a project management (PM) experiment. This report describes the environment-independent part of the experiment.  
The Role of the Project Life Cycle (Life Span) in Project Management A review of literature over three decades. The life span is a fundamental underpinning of project management, but the issue is one of strategy: "How much control? Who should have it? And when?"  
Thirteen ways to mismanage development project risk Managing project risk is critical to new product development (NPD) success. Many approaches which sound like they will reduce risk actually either increase it or make it harder to achieve success.  
Towards an Integrated Approach to Benefits Realisation Management Reflections from the Development of a Clinical Trials Support System. The aim of our research project, described in this paper, was to develop a purpose-built clinical trials support system.  

A Note on Project Scheduling The management of large projects requires analytical tools for scheduling activities and allocating resources.   
Critical Path Analysis & PERT Charts Critical Path Analysis and PERT are powerful tools that help you to schedule and manage complex projects. As with Gantt Charts, Critical Path Analysis (CPA) helps you to plan all tasks that must be completed as part of a project. They act as the basis both for preparation of a schedule, and of resource planning.  
Critical Path Method: Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice The critical path method (CPM) is considered THE standard for managing projects. So, if it is so widely used, then why are projects late, over budget, and dissatisfying customers?  TOP
Critical Path: An Extended Definition Knowing the critical path on a project, the project manager can apply additional management techniques to the tasks in the critical path sequence to reduce the risk of delays in the completion of those tasks and the overall project schedule. Critical path is, therefore, a risk management technique.   
Do Project Management Tools and Outcomes Differ in Organizations of Varying Size and Sector? While studies of information systems (IS) project management are plentiful, few studies have investigated how the tools and techniques used in project management differ for varying types of organizations. In this study we surveyed members of the Project Management Institute who work as IS project managers in a variety of different organizations both public and private and large and small.  2006  
Gantt Chart Links There is a wealth of Gantt chart resources for Excel available on the web. These site lists many of them, sorted by type.  
Gantt Chart Tutorial This tutorial explains the basics of Gantt Charts and how to use Excel to make them.   
Gantt Charts - Planning and scheduling complex projects Gantt Charts are useful tools for analyzing and planning complex projects. This article explains how to use them  
Hidden Assumptions in Project Management Tools Many managers use project management software that is built on some basic models, but they are not familiar with the underlying models.    
Mindmapping as a Project Management Tool Mind mapping - which is also sometimes referred to as visual mapping or idea mapping - allows for the gathering, organization and presentation of a great deal of information, and can be used to visualize, structure, classify and analyze complex ideas and concepts.   
Open Source Approach to Project Management Tools Famous project management systems can be costly and may require expensive custom servers. In this paper we present an overview of Open Source Project Management Software (OSPMS) based on articles, reviews, books and developers’ web sites, about those that seem to be the most popular software in this category. 2011  
PERT, CPM and GANTT Brief description of these three methods, good entry point into the topic  
Resource Critical Path Approach to Project Schedule Management Project schedule constraints include resource constraints, finance and supply constraints, calendar constraints and imposed dates. The critical path in the projects with imposed dates and different activity and resource calendars can consist of only one final activity.  
Structured Walk-Troughs: A Project Management Tool This document describes the structured walk-through. Experience to date indicates that there are major benefits to its use both for the programming project team, and for the quality of the software they produce.  
The ROI Of Project Portfolio Management Tools A Total Economic Impact™ Analysis Uncovers Significant Benefits. Almost anyone who has looked into the return on a PPM software investment has seen massive triple-digit returns advertised by these vendors. But is it true? The answer is, “Yes — it can be.”   
The use of Critical Path scheduling for documenting project delays / impacts Although the primary use of a CPM schedule is to assist the contractor in managing his project and to insure that a project is completed on time, the CPM schedule can be used in the analysis of delays and impacts to the project.   
Toward a Tool for Modeling and Managing Uncertainty in Project Planning Project planning tools often provide little support for managing uncertainties. Ultimately our goal is to develop a decision tool that would provide managers with better insights into the criticality of project tasks, as discovered by simulating the way the various uncertainties might unfold and interact as the project progresses.  
Work Breakdown Structure An introduction  



Publications Literature
When Consulting Projects Go Sideways
By Michael W. McLaughlin
The problems that plague consulting projects are often avoidable, at least in hindsight. Before a project, consultants should think of all the potential problems and assess how they might impact the project. A low impact event may slow the schedule slightly, while a high impact one could mean project cancellation.

Running A Productive Project Meeting
by Tim Kress
Well-run project meetings are essential to project success. Poor meeting facilitation will not only damage the project, but the project manager's reputation as well. This article provides a roadmap to productive meetings.

What To Do When Your IT Project Is Late, Over Budget, and Looks Like It’s Never Going To Work
by Frank Schmidt
Here’s a scary statistic. According to four prominent research firms, only around 20% of all IT projects are finished in a timely manner. By “timely” the researchers mean without loss of quality or being over budget.
There must be a way to dissect the problem, and create a solution to the diagnosis of “doomed failure.” Trust me, there is!

Project Closure – The Phantom Phase
By Shaun H. Ajani
In projects that do not respect an exacting stance for proper methodology, the Project Closure Phase is neglected. This is even the case in huge corporations with proper Project Management methodologies. It is indeed the Phantom Phase that lingers on for a while, and when nobody steps up and takes responsibility for its execution, it effervesces into nothingness, abandoning some important aspects of the project, such as Weighted Critical Measurements (WCM), Issues, Reviews, and Client Permissions.

For more literature recommendations visit our Project Management Bookstore

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Project Management
by Greg Horine
This book will show you exactly where to start–and walk you step by step through your entire project! Expert project manager Gregory Horine shows you exactly what works and what doesn’t, drawing on the field’s proven best practices. Understand your role as a project manager...gain the skills and discover the personal qualities of great project managers...learn how to organize, estimate, and schedule projects effectively...manage deliverables, issues, changes, risks, quality, vendors, communications, and expectations...make the most of technology...manage virtual teams...avoid the problems that trip up new project managers!

Effective Project Management: Traditional, Adaptive, Extreme
by Robert K. Wysocki, Robert, Jr Beck, David B. Crane
Completely updated to address the latest wrinkles in IT, a new edition of the wonderfully hands-on bestseller guides readers through an entire simulated project. Whether you're charged with developing a new payroll system, migrating to a new e-mail system, or any other type of IT project large or small, this popular book is the perfect place for a manager to begin the process.

Project Management Tool Kit, The: 100 Tips and Techniques for Getting the Job Done Right
by Tom Kendrick
The Project Management Tool Kit presents proven project management techniques in an accessible, easy-to-apply format. Based on the approaches used by successful project managers in many fields, the Tool Kit offers step-by-step methodologies for managing every conceivable project step.

Identifying and Managing Project Risk: Essential Tools for Failure-Proofing Your Project
by Tom Kendrick
Guide for project managers in determining risk factors throughout every phase of a project. Looks at the overall project planning process, describes key ideas for project risk planning, and shows how to use high-level risk assessment tools.




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