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What we offer is an Internet-Portal. As indicated in our name, we focus on management-topics. Our core competencies are that offers you quick and direct access to
the enormous vary of management-knowledge available on the Internet - articles, studies, checklists, FAQs and more in our Knowledgebase (external links)
- our own and our visitors knowledge - compiled for you in articles and studies - Publications

Moreover, you can find on our site lots of information that might be of use for you or makes life easier:
Featured new entries into the Knowledgebase and new articles in the publication section - to make your knowledge grow continuously
- Featured new posts on the accompanying Blog on Strategy
- Quicklinks for Life - if you need some flowers or an airplane ticket quickly
- Glossaries - Dictionaries, FAQs etc. for various topics

Our Visitors

Of course, our portal is open for all interested Internet users. However, we assume that our content is especially useful for

- Managers in all functions, at all hierarchy levels and in all industries,
- Entrepreneurs, self employed, freelancers, start-ups
- everybody who have to do with businesses and managers in their jobs - banker consultants, associations etc.
- Students, teachers, researchers
- everybody who is interested in management topics provides information for all industries, all areas of management and for companies of all size. It is our objective to provide relevant information for all all people who take part in business life.



Since Internet and knowledge grow continuously, a web portal can never be complete. Therefore, is in a continuous process of development and improvement. We make any effort to improve the content of Moreover, we invite our users to join these efforts. A website is a good website only if it provides value to its users. That's why we encourage an active participation of our visitors. Recommend links, publish your articles, suggest new topics we should include, tell us what we could do better!


Our Philosophy sees itself as a knowledge-intermediary. We help you to find all relevant information you need quickly and directly. This vision determines the characteristics that are especially important for content, clarity, speed. To achieve more speed for you we focus on those elements that provide value to our users instead of just a nice look.
The links we recommend in our knowledgebase will direct you almost always to pages where you find content and information - free of charge and without prior registration of any form. Only in very few cases we include links to further web-directories or to sites where companies offer their products and services.
Any commercials and advertisements are clearly indicated as such.

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If you have questions or comments to our website, do not hesitate to contact us (comments and questions are always welcomed): webmaster2 AT 
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