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09 October 2007

2 + 2 = 5? A framework for using co-branding to leverage a brand In this paper, co-branding is defined and differentiated from other types of branding alliance. The literature on co-branding is reviewed and a framework proposed to help managers identify co-branding opportunities to enhance the success of their products.   
A Leverage Theory of Reputation Building with Co-Branding: Complementarity in Reputation Building. The authors show that under certain conditions, co-branding that links unknown firms in a new sector with established firms in a mature sector allows the unknown firms to signal a high product quality and establish their own reputation.   
Co-branding and the impact on inter-organizational relationships The case presented in this article shows that co-branding is an efficient tool in lowering the uncertainty by the customers and by signalling combined resources and skills of three actors each firm enhance their position in the network.   
Co-branding in advertising: the issue of product and brand fit Three studies are conducted to investigate co-branding in advertising by manipulating product and brand fit. The results show that either product or brand fit is sufficient to produce positive attitudes towards the core brand in case of a high image core brand.   
Co-Branding Online Co-branding is probably one of the most underrated and underused forms of online marketing, but can be an extremely effective way to generate online business.   
Co-branding: a popular form of strategic alliance The co-branding strategy can be a win-win for both co-branding partners even if the respective brands do not have equal standing or brand equity in the marketplace.   
Co-branding: brand equity and trial effects This research examines the effects of co-branding on the brand equity of both the co-branded product and the constituent brands that comprise it, both before and after product trial.   
Co-Branding: The State of the Art This article classifies different branding strategies, discusses existing literature, and develops a theoretical model for co-branding based on research findings.  
Equity in corporate co-branding The case of adidas and the All Blacks. Corporate co-branding is analysed within the context of a case study of the sponsorship relationship between adidas and the New Zealand Rugby Union.   
Hotel Restaurant Co-Branding:  The impact of consumer evaluation on perceived risk, perceived value and intention to purchase.   
Libraries Libraries face an extremely difficult task to remain part of the information loop: Co-Branding and sticky web sites - E-Content and the library’s role.   
Strategic Advantage Through Successful Co- Branding Co-branding as an alternative branding proposition is fast making grounds due to various factors. This paper looks in to the psychological principles of co-branding strategy and highlights the potential benefits and dangers of co-branding strategy as a brand building alternative in Indian Market.   
Understanding Internet Co-Branding Deals This article addresses a common type of co-branding relationship in which a “provider” maintains a set of pages (“the co-branded site”) that looks and feels like the “brander’s” web site.1 The co-branded site is promoted on the brander’s web site through linking.   




Publications Literature

In our publications-section, we have compiled a variety of papers from the and from our valued partners that focus on branding. They cover topics like:

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● Naming Issues
● Branding Services
● Brand Management
● Branding for Different Types of Products

Branding Articles



Co-Branding: The Science of Alliance
by Tom Blackett, Bob Boad
The synergy that can be created by two well-matched brands working together in harmony can be considerable and enhance both profitability and the valuation of the brand for both parties. However, the challenges presented by co-branding are considerable, getting the strategy right for a single brand is hard enough, but once two brands are brought together the challenges increase considerably.

Brand Portfolio Strategy: Creating Relevance, Differentiation, Energy, Leverage, and Clarity
by David A. Aaker
To help businesspeople sort through and capitalize on such perceptual niceties, Aaker, a consultant, professor and author of Building Strong Brands, plots out a complicated taxonomy of master brands, subbrands, endorser brands, brand alliances, branded energizers, silver bullet brands, cash cow brands and "fighter" brands (the latter protect more important brands from being sullied by competition with lesser brands). Aaker encourages companies to think of their brands as members of a football team, each with a well-defined role to play, and offers a wealth of case studies and exercises to help managers decide how to handle their portfolios.



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