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21 January 2014

Brand Valuation
Brand Valuation and Control: An Empirical Study Brands represent very important intangible assets, that have been especially in the light of marketing research. We use an empirical survey, based on 132 German companies with brands, to investigate the state of the art of brand accounting, brand control, and brand valuation.   
Brand Valuation Method and Process In this chapter, we will discuss the possible uses of brand valuation, and examine the questions that should be answered before launching a brand valuation project new
Brand Valuation: Measuring and Leveraging your Brand The debate around brand valuation is a healthy one, in so far as it puts brand discussion firmly on the Boardroom agenda.
It can also serve as a useful background to strategic and brand planning and control. 
Brand valuation: what it means and why it matters Over recent years, intangible assets have become more important to businesses operating in a wide variety of industries. This in turn has put a premium on being able to come up with credible ways to value brands.   
How Much for That Brand in the Window?  Thoughts about brand valuation. How does one measure the value of a brand? How do you know if you are getting a good deal or a bad one? There are many answers to those questions but none that is fully satisfactory.   
The Link Between Brand Value and Sustainability This report presents the findings of a multiyear study that compares brand value and sustainability performance. It reveals a significant increase in the connection between sustainability performance and brand value, and shows that some aspects of sustainability are more closely related to brand than others.  new




Publications Literature
The Eternal Principles for Creating Luxury Brands
By Dr. Dan Herman
This article is about the time proven principles for creating luxury brands in order to attract affluents. Attracting wealthy customers is potentially very profitable. After all, they have more money to spend, that can turn into your income. However, succeeding in this task involves a deep understanding of their psychological need, of their lifestyle, of the role of brands in their world and in their relationships as well as of their purchasing behavior and spending patterns. Some of these are truly counter-intuitive and surprising.

Create Enticing Brands, not "Lovemarks"
By Dr. Dan Herman
Dan discusses the concept of "Lovemarks", created by Kevin Roberts, the worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, and explains how to build loved brands.

Creating brand instrumentality beyond the product
By Dr. Dan Herman
The main reason for the general fascination with brands is their ability to provide the consumers an extra value in addition to what the product\service\company themselves can provide a value which becomes the major motivation for consumers to desire the product. In this short article I intend to dispel the mystery and to suggest a workable approach to creating value added brands.
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Al Ries might be dangerous to your brand
By Dan Herman, PhD   
In the business world's hall of fame a special place is reserved for Al Ries. He is without any doubt one of the most prominent gurus of strategic thinking. More than 30 years ago, together with his partner Jack Trout, Ries coined the term "Positioning" – a concept which, to these very days, shapes the way of marketing and branding all over the world. Only very few other concepts come close in importance.

Why Corporate Images Need More Than A Quick Face Lift
By Naseem Javed
As businesses start to get ready for the next up-cycle, new Names Identities and Images are underway. Big time branding failures and silly naming of the recent past taught marketers some key lessons. Here, is a quick guide to test any Name Identity in use or being planned for the upswing.
Recently, ABC Namebank completed a global survey. A list of 5000 major international corporations was compiled and each corporate name was analyzed for its marketing power, realistic image, ownership of the name and a dotcom URL and the trustworthiness of the personality of the name in four categories.

The Making or Faking of Emotionally Significant Brands
Creating a genuine 'Feel Appeal' for your brand

by Dan Herman, PhD
Brands can be emotionally powerful, but…
The emergence of new phenomenal brands is truly awesome. Do you remember 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' (1977)? At the beginning of the movie, an amazing occurrence takes place. Masses of people from all over the world, dream of a certain place where they feel compelled to be. Later it transpires that unknowingly, they all arrived at the alien-landing site. To me, this scene illustrates what happens in the marketplace at the appearance of an ace brand such as 'Harry Potter'. Millions of people suddenly feel that they just have to be there. This paper is about the erudition and the know-how necessary for the purposeful creation of such emotionally powerful brands.

Concept Screening Fundamentals: Developing a brand extension concept screening model
By Kirk Martensen
Trademark licensing is often segmented into ‘conventional licensing’ and ‘brand extension licensing’. Brand extension has become a major focus of many firms in the corporate trademark licensing business. It is reported that corporate trademark or brand related licensed products exceed $18 billion in annual retail sales in the U.S. and Canada. Unfortunately, few licensors have the resources required to simultaneously evaluate and develop multiple brand extension licensed product categories. Product concept screening can help the licensing firm to separate the winners from the losers.

Branding Professional Services
This report will initially give a short overview of some general concepts of branding, especially definitions, benefits and types of brands.
Whilst most literature relates to branding for goods, the second part of this report focuses on issues for branding professional services, especially the accounting and consulting industry. The author will relate the approaches this industry currently takes to the relevant theory.

Building and developing brands in the automotive aftermarket
by Hanns Günther Bollig, Automotive Advisors & Associates
With the fall of block exemption, the automotive aftermarket becomes more open for OEM suppliers. In order to be successful, OEM supplier have to improve public awareness of their brands and products. This article describes some of the issues and opportunities.
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Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity
by Kevin Lane Keller
Why are brands important? What do they mean to consumers? How can they be built? What are they worth? What should be done to manage them properly? In Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity, Kevin Lane Keller sets out to answer these and other questions by presenting the most comprehensive and detailed study of brands and brand equity to date. 

Brand Valuation
by Jan Lindemann

Valuation of Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets
by Gordon V. Smith, Russell L. Parr
This book is designed to simplify the process of attaching a dollar amount to intangible assets be it for licensing, mergers and acquisitions, loan collateral, or investment purposes.

Measuring Brand Communication ROI
by Don E. Schultz
This book moves marketing into a new phase of financial accountability. Written by Don E. Schultz and Jeffrey S. Walters, it enables marketers to finally answer the nagging question, "What do I get for my brand communication dollars?"



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