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Management - Resistance to Change 

The management and overcoming of resistance to change is a major success factor in any change initiative. On this site you can find external links on topics like
- reasons for resistance to change
- strategies for overcoming resistance to change

More Topics on Change Management in our Knowledgebase
Management - Change
Management - Business Transformation
HR - The People Side of Change


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 How Will You Measure Your Life? by 2013 Thinkers50 Award Winner Clayton M. Christensen



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26 April 2012

Employee Resistance to Organizational Change  Resistance defined, research about resistance, nature and causes, positive resistance, transition and transitional phenomena 
Four Antidotes to Change Resistance Four techniques can mitigate the emotional and cultural challenges of achieving strategic transformations in organizations.
How and why people resist Resistance to change takes many forms. 
How to Increase Employee Commitment to Change Employees more readily commit to change when they understand why it is occurring and how it will benefit them and their organization. Learn how to use a very effective tool to provide this "big picture" understanding and generate greater employee commitment.
Managing Resistance to Change Effective leaders need to manage the logical consistency of change in an organization. 2005
Managing Six Sigma Change Resistance Proper anticipation and understanding the approaches to various resistance tactics is essential to success. Also applicable to other change initiatives
Resistance to Change A Managerís Short Primer on Resistance to Change in Organizations. 
Resistance to Change: A Literature Review and Empirical Study Through empirical research, the authors have analyzed the importance of the sources of resistance to change defined theoretically, also considering both types of changes.
Taking Advantage of Resistance to Change (and the TOC Thinking Processes) to Improve Improvements
Tension and Resistance to Change in Organizational Climate: Managerial Implications for a Fast Paced World. Pdf-file 1999



Publications   Literature
In our publications section we have compiled a variety of papers from the and from our valued partners that focus on change management. They cover topics like:

● the change process
● the role of the change agent
● change projects and initiatives
● communication of change
● the human side of change

Change Articles

Here are some examples:

Internal Communication of Change
By Dagmar Recklies

Circling the Pyramid - Building Lasting Commitment to Change   (pdf-file)
by Edmond Mellina

What Makes a Good Change Agent?
by Dagmar Recklies

The Role of the Change Master - From Change Agent to 'Change Master'
By Ruth Tearle

Managing Change - Definition and Phases in Change Processes
by Oliver Recklies

Problems in Managing Change
by Oliver Recklies


Managing Change To Reduce Resistance
by Harvard Business School Press
Driving change is a difficult but necessary requirement for competing in todayís marketplace. This guide shows how to get employees to embrace the need for change and work together to take advantage of new business realities.
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Making Change Work: Practical Tools for Overcoming Human Resistance to Change
by Brien Palmer
This book was written to help organizations prepare for and successfully implement change. In helping your organization make change successfully, Making Change Work addresses buy-in, acceptance, motivation, anticipation, fear, uncertainty, and all the other messy human considerations that cause change to fail in the real world.
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The Heart of Change: Real-Life Stories of How People Change Their Organizations
by John P. Kotter, Dan S. Cohen
The essence of Kotter's message is this: the reason so many change initiatives fail is that they rely too much on "data gathering, analysis, report writing, and presentations" instead of a more creative approach aimed at grabbing the "feelings that motivate useful action." Through compelling, real-life stories from people in the trenches, in all kinds of organizations, the authors attack the fundamental problem that underlies every major transformation: How do you go beyond simply getting your message across to truly changing people's behavior?
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