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Human Resources Management - Managing Change
(The People-Aspect of Change Management)


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12 November 2007

Building Support for the Strategic Plan Aligning Employees with Strategy  
Differences Make A Difference Gender and Culture as drivers of change in the workplace, discussed by Judy Rosener  
Energizing Employees in Recessionary Times Try Motivating, Not Mandating One dimension of cost-cutting is often disregarded—the critical need to ensure cost cuts occur in ways that obtain positive emotional commitment within the context of the culture. In this commentary piece we explore how effective cost reduction capitalizes on and reinforces company culture—and integrates emotional commitment of the workforce with the strategic imperatives for the business.   
Herding Cats: Human Change Management Everyone knows the drill: Change is the only constant. But everyone also knows human behaviour is complex. Organisations don't adapt to change; their people do. So, how best to manage the process? In this article, authors Mark Dawson and Mark Jones explain "how to implement a change program successfully when dealing with the vagaries of human behaviour". 2006  
Layoffs, morale and right-communication Layoff-based growth strategies create an odd paradox: The corporate layoffs almost always result in a decline in or disruption to employee morale, retention and productivity.  
Making Change Happen One Person at a Time Before change can happen, you need to assess your key people early on, and do so quickly, accurately, and with an eye toward new and emerging organizational requirements.   
Motivating Behavior Change Boosting Performance by Mobilizing Pride Builders. pdf 2011  
Seven Dynamics of Change   Ken Blanchard has described seven dynamics of change designed to help managers better address employee reactions to change.   
Taking the Fear out of Organizational Change Training Opens the Door to Productive Change Efforts   
Teaching The Caterpillar to Fly Ideas about managing change and personal growth TOP
Ten Tips for Communicating Change While organizational change requires a bit more than ten tips, there are key things to keep in mind when planning, announcing, implementing and communicating a change initiative.   
The Biggest Mistakes in Managing Change From working with executives and managers, the author has seen how management of change impacts a work force.  Here are the biggest mistakes in managing change -- and the lessons learned.  
The Effects of Change On The Manager  One of the least mentioned effects of change relates to how it affects the manager leading that change, and his or her ability to undertake the leadership role.  
The Human Side of Change pdf-file  
The Human Side of Crisis Management Catastrophic workplace incidents impact people in ways that can have lasting negative consequences. Even crisis-prepared companies often overlook these needs. Effective response requires an understanding of what people need from management, and how to provide it.  
Winning support for organizational change: Designing employee reward systems that keep on working These authors describe the reward systems and motivational tools that will move employees to support the organization’s change initiatives. Pdf-file 2006  

Related Information
Knowledgebase - Management - Managing Change 


In our publications section we have compiled a variety of papers from the and from our valued partners that focus on change management. They cover topics like:

● the change process
● the role of the change agent
● change projects and initiatives
● communication of change
● the human side of change

Change Articles

Here are some examples:

Internal Communication of Change
By Dagmar Recklies

Circling the Pyramid - Building Lasting Commitment to Change   (pdf-file)
by Edmond Mellina

What Makes a Good Change Agent?
by Dagmar Recklies

The Role of the Change Master - From Change Agent to 'Change Master'
By Ruth Tearle

Managing Change - Definition and Phases in Change Processes
by Oliver Recklies

Problems in Managing Change
by Oliver Recklies



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