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Management - Business Transformation 

The links on this site lead to information about Business Transformation as the most radical form of corporate change.

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09 April 2013

Communicating Affirmative Action During Transformational Change A South African case study perspective.  2004  
From Critical Success Factors into Criteria for Performance Excellence - An Organizational Change Strategy Organizations that go through a significant change transformation need to look beyond the critical factors for success and implement a strategy to continue their quality journey. 2003  
Implementing Radical Change The following characteristics seem to be consistent in companies who are able to radically transform themselves.   
Pragmatic Pathways - New approaches to organizational change Resistance to change can doom large-scale organizational transformation. One way to help make success more likely is through a series of smaller moves, smartly madeófollowing Pragmatic Pathways to fundamental, long-term change.  new
Transformational Change and Change Management Transformational change differs from change in terms of demands on organizational stakeholders and the impact on the core values of an organization. Pdf-file  


Publications   Literature
Internal Communication of Change
By Dagmar Recklies
There is no doubt that the reasons, the content and the objective of a change initiative have to be understood by all affected employees. Experience shows that in particular those more complex initiatives tend to face enormous difficulties reach everybody in the company. This paper will discuss one specific reason for failure of effective change communication. The hypotheses is that change is communicated by the wrong people.

Circling the Pyramid - Building Lasting Commitment to Change   (pdf-file)
by Edmond Mellina
In any change initiative, the overarching objective is to drive the lasting adoption of new behaviours and attitudes within the organization. The challenge can be framed through a series of questions: What is the best strategy to build commitment to the change? How do you monitor the level of allegiance? What is the difference between mere compliance and full internalization? In this article, we present a model we have developed to help address these issues. Although simple in its form and application, it has proven effective in a multitude of change situations.

What Makes a Good Change Agent?
by Dagmar Recklies
In the light of the many problems and risks associated with change projects, the change agent has a very important function. The change agentís or change leaderís capabilities have a major impact on success or failure of the project, and on the extent of potential unwanted side-effects.  The following article describes required capabilities of good change agents.

The Role of the Change Master - From Change Agent to 'Change Master'
By Ruth Tearle
A change agent may be a full time organisational development professional, a leader of a division or a middle manager charged with the responsibility of bringing about a change in his/her area. Anyone involved in helping a team achieve something new becomes an agent of change. Depending on the type of change he/she is tasked with, a change agent may perform any of the roles discussed in this article.  
However a change master, is able to perform all of these roles.

Managing Change - Definition and Phases in Change Processes
by Oliver Recklies
Managing change is a challenging task. If you ask employees what they think about change, you will normally find that most people have negative attitudes and perceptions towards change.
This article attempts to provide an introduction into change management. It defines what change is and describes seven phases of change processes.

Problems in Managing Change
by Oliver Recklies
The process of change has impact on the whole organization and on all individuals working there. Successful change requires the participation and acceptance of everyone in the the organization. That makes change management a challenging task.
This article provides a systematic overview on potential barriers to change and gives some advice on how to make change successful.



To the Desert and Back: The Story of the Most Dramatic Business Transformation on Record
by Philip H. Mirvis, Karen Ayas, George Roth
To the Desert and Back tells the inside story of the transformation in the words of the people in all quarters of the company who made it happen. It documents five years of personal soul-searching, teamwork, companywide learning conferences, memorable journeys to the mountains and desert, and inspired promotions that show how these efforts produced a remarkable top-to-bottom turnaround.
more about this book

Transformation Management (Transformation and Innovation)
Ronnie Lessem, University of Buckingham, Uk and Alexander Schieffer, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Read a sample chapter of this book here on our Management Portal


Beyond Change Management: Advanced Strategies for Today's Transformational Leaders
by Dean Anderson, Linda Ackerman Anderson
Beyond Change Management-the only book specifically about the interaction of leadership style, mindset, and the change process-revolutionizes leaders' approach to transformational change. Shattering the myth that transformation can be managed, this book-part of the Practicing OD Series--offers you new directions and ways of thinking and behaving that are essential for successful change.
more about this book


Strategic Organizational Change
by Michael Beitler
In this book, Dr. Beitler begins by providing a systematic approach for diagnosing organizational problems. Then he offers his step-by-step approach for designing and implementing organizational change interventions. Everything is written in a practical, easy-to-follow style, with an abundance of checklists and practice tools.
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