Jean-Claude Saade, brand and communication strategist

Banking on the Brand

This is a guest article from Jean-Claude Saade:

“Shining a light creates shadows” ― Michael Lewis, Flash Boys

The banking sector is developing and facing multiple challenges and many opportunities at the same time. From growing customers’ expectations to the macroeconomic and technological context, change is affecting everything. Yet, the safest bet for banks remains unchanged and it is to build their brands. [Read More…]

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How to position yourself as the central corporate strategist – Part 2

How you can build acceptance and credibility as a strategic planner

As a corporate strategist in a central function your success depends on the organizations cooperation. The key is that everybody slightly involved in strategy making accepts you as the central instance. You have to build trust and credibility.

In part 1 of this article you can read why credibility, trust and acceptance are the key success factors for corporate strategists and why they are so hard to gain.

Now we are talking about how to build that acceptance and credibility you need. [Read More…]

How to position yourself as the central corporate strategist – Part 1

Why credibility, trust and acceptance are the key success factors for corporate strategists and why they are so hard to gain

You’ve got the job of your dreams. Or:
You’ve been assigned the task. Or:
You’ve been struggling with this task for some time without any progress.

You are responsible for your company’s strategy! You know how to do strategy. But how do you actually make the organization cooperate with you? [Read More…]

How do you build true team spirit?

Work in teams is part of daily life – in business, in education, in sports and more. We all know that teams with a high spirit and strong sense of togetherness have better chances of success. But how do we actually achieve this team spirit? [Read More…]

The Last Iceman Strategy – high profit potential but no sure-fire success

A Last Iceman Strategy is an approach for products or industries that come to the end of their lifecycle. The last supplier to survive industry decline has the chance to generate significant profits for a long time.

You probably know that much.
But do you know where this strategy got its name from?
Do you know under what conditions this strategy works best?
Did you know that a successful Last Iceman Strategy may require substantial investment in the beginning?

This article provides the details. [Read More…]

In Tough Times, ‘Hyper-Creatives’ Provide Creative Advantage

Every change in the marketplace, every upheaval in the economy, every shift in technology, and every change in consumer attitudes and outlook creates opportunities for successful new products. Since these changes are amplified during tough times, new product opportunities are actually more numerous during economic turbulence. The companies that develop and deploy new products during economic downturns tend to outperform their more timid rivals during the recession and come roaring out of the starting gates when the economy begins to expand.
One way to keep new products flowing to market during tough times is to rely on “hyper-creatives.’’ [Read More…]

Example of an input section of a financial model

Financial Modelling for strategic planning – Use these proven best practices to improve results and credibility!

For many strategists, self-developed Excel sheets are the tool of choice to support strategic planning. Despite its popularity, Excel and other spreadsheet programs have their downsides. I have discussed the pros and cons as well as some alternatives in an earlier article. However, by following a set of proven best practices, you can minimize these downsides and significantly increase the credibility of your model. [Read More…]

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Leading strategic initiatives under uncertainty

At first glance, this seems to be an article about uncertainty and how to handle it in the context of strategy. However, it actually is about governing strategic initiatives. The key question is:

What is the best way to move from a company strategy to … a stream of initiatives that will deliver it?

The secondary objective would be to improve the success rate of strategic initiatives, which often have a high failure rate. Uncertainty is just the one and most important condition under which such initiatives are carried out. [Read More…]

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