A strategist has many roles and many faces

The many faces of the strategist

The job description of a professional strategic planning manager or a strategist is manifold. Similarly, expectations on the strategist are diverse. It seems as if almost anybody has his own unique idea of the traits, tasks, and responsibilities of a strategist. Not surprisingly, these many facets are fairly contradictory. Hence, a strategist is torn between many worlds. [Read More…]

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The Strategy IS the Brand. Or: How Can You Create Your Very Own Monopoly?

About 95% of what executives in competing companies do is pretty much the same all around. This is good management. If you are CEOing a wireless communication services provider, you strive to have an advanced technological infrastructure with a promising future, cool end-user phones, other devices and accessories, a great service system, attractive added-value services, and competitive prices. Well, this is precisely where your competitors put their efforts as well. [Read More…]

Is cross-industry innovation for you? There are smart ways to make it work for almost every business

The concept of cross-industry innovation is getting more and more attention. This is for a good reason. The combination of maturing industries and disruptive change makes the traditional approach to innovation within the boundaries of an industry less effective.

Nevertheless, it actually a bit of a surprise to me, since the idea of transferring ideas, practices and approaches from one industry to another has been with me for all of my working life. I wouldn’t have called this innovation, however. [Read More…]

Sample image for an early indicators dashboard

Measurements and indicators – You will only get what you ask for!

Measures and indicators are important tools for every manager. They tell us how we have performed in the past (lagging indicators) or what to expect in future (leading indicators). It is common sense that business-related measures and indicators help managers to make better decision. However, the value of these measures largely depends on a wise choice of what is actually measured. Besides that, businesses can thrive and flourish without lots of measures too. [Read More…]

Marco de Haas - CEO of S-ray Diagnostics

Rudderless organization without strategy

Without strategy, every company, organization or institution is rudderless. But what is strategy? A clear story with a distinct vision about where the organization needs to go and how to get there? According to Dr. Marco de Haas, CEO of S-Ray Diagnostics, this is not enough. A strategy is only a strategy when it is also executed. [Read More…]

Nine Pitfalls of Organizational Change

This is a guest article from David Chaudron, PhD

The Wall St. Journal has many times reported on the struggling efforts of companies trying to effectively change their organization. With such national focus on the needs of organizations to respond to today’s volatile climate, why all the failure?

Based on our experience, there are several significant causes to an organization’s change efforts to stumble or stagnate. You can use this information to avoid these pitfalls, or recover from them if you have fallen in. [Read More…]

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Making sense of strategy

If you are looking for a compact framework of corporate strategy – what it is all about and how to do it – this book will be a good choice for you: [Read More…]

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Strategies of trajectory start with a view of the future and work back to actions in the present.

The big shift in strategy

The last decades have brought a dramatic change in the external environment for almost every business. What has been a fairly stable and predictable landscape for a very long time has become a mix of dynamic, ever-changing and unpredictable forces. It is almost common sense now that the traditional approach to strategy, which builds on a more stable environment, needs an update. However, many businesses are still struggling to replace their strategy process of internal and external analysis with something more suitable. I guess this is partly due to the fact that there aren’t many workable approaches around.

The Articles The big shift in strategy part 1 and part 2 from John Hagel III may provide a solution. [Read More…]

Leading strategic initiatives under uncertainty

At first glance, this seems to be an article about uncertainty and how to handle it in the context of strategy. However, it actually is about governing strategic initiatives. The key question is:

What is the best way to move from a company strategy to … a stream of initiatives that will deliver it?

The secondary objective would be to improve the success rate of strategic initiatives, which often have a high failure rate. Uncertainty is just the one and most important condition under which such initiatives are carried out. [Read More…]

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