Why UK Businesses Shouldn’t Ignore GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

EU legislation is, often, neither the most exciting nor relevant topic to our business lives. Much of it dictates the specifics of trade, controls safe manufacturing and various other, broad topics. However, from time to time there are significant regulations that matter not only to a specific subset of businesses but to almost every business currently operating around the globe. [Read More…]

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Four Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Casinos

In order to market any enterprise successfully, you sometimes need to think outside the box. Using the same stale old tactics over and over soon stops delivering any tangible gain.

This becomes a problem even more with the rise of the concept of “Best Practices”. Pushed by eager consultants, businesses around the world started to analyze their peers and to adopt what they considered to be their winning practices. [Read More…]

Does Your Business Need Web Conferencing?

Does Your Business Need Web Conferencing?

The massive growth in video consumption is already taking advertising companies by storm. In 2015, about 96 percent of households in Germany had internet access Europa reports. And as video consumption now accounts for as much as 50 percent of all mobile traffic, it’s safe to say that a lot of users are spending their time watching videos online. That’s the market companies want to capture. But if you’re hardly adept at any kind of video technology, adding this to your infrastructure might not be easy. [Read More…]

A Checklist of Startup Mistakes that Could Kill Your Business

It’s hard enough to put up a startup. There are no guarantees of success. Tech.co says about 50 percent of all new businesses fail within the first five years. And half of those that do probably won’t make it in the next 5 years. That’s a massive amount of failure. And one you’ll need to accept if you want to build your own startup from the ground. With so many new businesses that won’t see the light of day, you’ll want to make sure yours won’t be one of them. So take a look at the following startup mistakes and learn how to avoid them: [Read More…]

Bootstrapping as a business strategy

Bootstrapping as a business strategy

Bootstrapping is a technique used by individuals in business to overcome obstacles, achieve goals and make improvements through organic, self-sustainable means with no assistance from outside. It basically means to found or start a business using personal assets (such as savings, sweat equity, low operating costs, and fast cash sales turnaround) in the absence of any external financial input and also maintaining operations without the need for financial support from the outside. [Read More…]

How to Compete with The Big Guys as a Small Business

Taking on a large corporation in an industry can seem like an insurmountable task for a small business. The fact is that many small companies cannot compete because they cannot lower prices enough to beat the large competitor. While some of these companies cannot compete with corporations, there are plenty that are able to take clients from much larger companies consistently. [Read More…]

How to Foster Diversity in Your Workplace

Diversity is a hot-button issue and one of the most important philosophical discussions occurring in America and in the global business world today. From politicians to educators to bloggers, it seems that everyone has an opinion on what diversity means, how important it is, and how to encourage it in the workplace. All these voices can tend to make the topic confusing and ambiguous. However, it’s vital to take the time to discuss diversity and how it is related to the workplace. It’s a subject that speaks to the very heart of the American dream, and one that can’t just be ignored. [Read More…]

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The rise and fall of strategic planning

This book has been on my list to write a review about for some time. I read it after the Strategy Safari – which was a great entry into Mintzberg’s view of strategy. Although it clearly goes beyond that, for me it is some sort extended, more detailed and more formal version of a chapter from the Strategy Safari. [Read More…]

Making sense of strategy

If you are looking for a compact framework of corporate strategy – what it is all about and how to do it – this book will be a good choice for you: [Read More…]

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Strategies of trajectory start with a view of the future and work back to actions in the present.

The big shift in strategy

The last decades have brought a dramatic change in the external environment for almost every business. What has been a fairly stable and predictable landscape for a very long time has become a mix of dynamic, ever-changing and unpredictable forces. It is almost common sense now that the traditional approach to strategy, which builds on a more stable environment, needs an update. However, many businesses are still struggling to replace their strategy process of internal and external analysis with something more suitable. I guess this is partly due to the fact that there aren’t many workable approaches around.

The Articles The big shift in strategy part 1 and part 2 from John Hagel III may provide a solution. [Read More…]

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