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Continuous Improvement in Software Development This short article will address the TQM concept, continuous improvement, as it applies to software development.   
Continuous Improvement Terms Glossary    
Glossary Quality managements terms  
Optimum Quality Costs and Zero Defects Are they Contradictory Concepts? This article provides a mathematical proof that minimum cost can occur at a defect level of zero. pdf-file 53 KB  
Quality Management Principles Definitions of an Information on QMPs  
Quality Management reloaded Consumers around the globe today demand the highest quality in all aspects of a product. It is no longer enough to focus on assuring that products and services meet their specified requirements. Quality Management must provide more value to the customer, and that means it needs to become an integral part of a company’s value chain. In this article the authors show how this new approach to Quality Management can work, turning it into a strategic asset with huge benefits for the company.  pdf 2013 new
Quality Tools Cookbook Reference to quality tools: Traditional Quality Tools and Management and Planning Quality Tools  
Setting Quality Goals This article introduces the half-life method, a normative model for predicting rates of improvement in processes being addressed by TQM. Pdf-file 76 KB    
Seven Basic Quality Tools This site briefly explainst the so called  “seven quality control tools,” the “seven basic tools” or the “seven old tools” and leads to further information TOP
Seven Quality Control Tools     
Top 100 in Quality 2004 Quality's survey reveals the top companies that improve processes, empower workers and satisfy customers.  
Why Quality Programs Fail – and What to Do About It Why is it so hard to “bake” quality, as a paramount value, into a company’s DNA? The answer, in part, is that the issues that undermine quality typically lie not at the technical level, but far deeper, at the level of strategy and organization. In our experience, most companies need to address three major challenges: ensuring that quality follows strategy, managing people to inspire quality-creating behaviors, and solving the matrix issue. pdf 2006  
Total Quality Management
Applying Total Quality Management to the Educational Process In this paper, the principles of TQM are described with an emphasis on the importance of identifying the customer and analyzing the processes. The 14 Points of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, which form a framework for the implementation of the TQM, are individually applied to the academic environment based on the experience gained at the Air Force Academy. pdf-file  
Are there Limits to TQM Many of the problems with quality programs are the result of increased complexity. The half-life concept strives to make complexity more manageable. By doing so, learning is accelarated and improvement becomes continnous. Pdf-file 525 KB  
Aspects of Implementation and Performance Investigations with a focus on small firms. Pdf-file  
Essentials of Total Quality Management I Understanding the Essentials of Total Quality Management: A Best Practice Approach - Part 1. Pdf-file 257 KB. 2003  
Essentials of Total Quality Management II Understanding the Essentials of Total Quality Management: A Best Practice Approach - Part 2. Pdf-file 276 KB. 2004  
Introduction With a focus on applicability to higher education. Pdf-file  
Linking TQM Culture to Traditional Learning Theories The purpose of this article is to ex-amine the relationships between the characteristics of a TQM organiza-tion and the application of traditional learning theories in providing employ-ees with new skills, knowledge and abilities. Pdf-file. 2005  
The Eight Elements Of TQM Eight elements are key in ensuring the success of TQM in an organization  
The Relationship Between TQM Practices and Quality Performance and the Role of Formal TQM Programs A lack of a formal TQM program does not mean TQM principles are not being practiced. An Australian Empirical Study. Pdf-file 219 KB. October 2004  
TQM and organizational change TQM And Organizational Change And Development, by Thomas Packard, D.S.W.  
TQM and Public Services TQM: Key Concepts and Analysis of Best Practices for Improving Public Service Performance. Pdf-file  
TQM as a Cultural Phenomenon Will TQM be more successful if implemented in an environment where organizational culture is compatible with values and TQM assumptions?  Pdf-file 240 KB. October 2004  
Why Total Quality Management Programs Do Not Persist The Role of Management Quality and Implications for Leading a TQM Transformation. Pdf-file  
Our Literature Recommendation on Total Quality Management


Control Measures for Kaizen Costing Formulation and Practical Use of the Half-Life Model.  
Implementation Manual - Kobetsu Kaizen A manual in FAQ format  
Kaizen - The Key to Understanding Japanese Success Good overview and introduction: definition, principles like constant improvement and problem solving, Kaizen vs. Innovation, management support of Kaizen.   
Kaizen (continuous improvement) for small- and medium-sized companies This article from a consultant describes a Kaizen process adapted for small- to medium-sized companies.   
Kaizen and Information Quality Plain English on Data Quality.   
Kaizen rises again The magical, practical power of small improvements  
Kaizen within Kaizen Teams: Continuous and Process Improvements in a Spanish municipality.   
Kaizen, The hidden treasure  This paper describes how Kaizen is going to help today’s managers to meet the high expectations of performance standards.   
Kaizen: An Essential Tool ... for Inclusion in Industrial Technology Curricula.   
Planning and Conducting Kaizen Events Kaizen events enable rapid improvements over a very short period of time.   

Our Literature Recommendation on KAIZEN


Standards, ISO
Deming's 14 points This article paraphrases the 14 points Deming set out  
In Search Of ISO: An Institutional Perspective On The Adoption Of International Management Standards This paper analyzes the determinants of the cross-national adoption of the international Environmental Management System standard ISO 14001 using a panel of 102 countries from 1996 to 2000. Pdf-file 2003  
ISO 9000 2000 Translated into Plain English This page presents a detailed introduction to the final version of ISO 9001:2000.   
ISO 9000 and ISO 14000  Information from the International Organization for Standardization  
ISO 9000 FAQs    
ISO FAQs    
Quality management: The Importance of ISO  Those “ISO vitamins” may be difficult to take, but after the standards are in place, they can cure ailing business processes.  2007  
The What, Why, and How of Standards Gives an introduction into the concept of standards  

AEC Spanish Association for Quality
AIAG Automotive Industry Action Group
AICQ Italian Association for Quality
ANSI American National Standards Institute
APQ Portuguese Association for Quality
AQC Australian Quality Council
ARC Romanian Association for Quality
ASQ American Society for Quality 
Baldrige Award  
BQF British Quality Foundation
BTQM Belgian Association for Total Quality Management
CCI Council for Continuous Improvement
CEF Center for Excellence - Finnland
Deming British Deming Association
DFK Danish Society for Quality
EFQM European Foundation for Quality Management
EOQ European Organization for Quality
ESQH European Society for Quality in Healthcare
EUCUSA European Customer Satisfaction Association
Excellence Ireland Excellence Ireland
EZAZ Hungarian Society for Quality 
FUNDECE Quality Foundation for Excellence Spain
GFSI Icelandic Association for Quality 
HNC Hungarian National Committee for EOQ
ICQFD International Council for QFD (Quality Function Deployment)
IQA The Institute of Quality Assurance
ISO online International Organization for Standardization
ISSSP International Society of Six Sigma Professionals
KAIZEN Institute  
KalDer Turkish Standards Institution
KDI Dutch Foundation for Quality
MFQ Mouvement Fracais pour la Qualite
NFKL Norwegian Association for Quality and Leadership
NIQC Northern Ireland Quality Centre
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NZQ New Zealand Quality 
QA Quality Assurance Institute
QuEST Forum The Forum for Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications
QMS International Registrar for ISO certifications and training, based UK
Registrant Accreditation Board Information on RAB approved ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 registrars, training course providers, and individual auditors
SFK Swedish Association for Quality
US Standards Group on QEDS committees can be grouped within four broad technical disciplines: Quality Management, Environmental Management, Dependability and Statistics
VCK Belgian Centre for Quality Management
WQC Wales Quality Center

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Literature - KAIZEN

Kaizen: The Key To Japan's Competitive Success
by Masaaki Imai
For the professional manager or student of management, a comprehensive handbook of 16 Kaizen management practices that can be put to work. KAIZEN uses more than 100 examples in action and contains 15 corporate case studies.

Gemba Kaizen: A Commonsense, Low-Cost Approach to Management 
by Masaaki Imai
In this book, you discover how to maximize the results of kaizen by applying it to gemba--business processes involved in the manufacture of products and the rendering of services--the areas of your business where, as the author puts it, the "real action" takes place.


Literature - Total Quality Management




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