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Brand Portfolio Strategy Effects on Firm Value and Risks  This paper provides an empirical investigation of the effects of brand portfolio strategy on shareholder value and risk. Although previous research has shown that Branded House strategies in which all firm offerings are presented using the corporate umbrella brand generate higher values of Tobinís q than House of Brands strategies in which separate brands are cultivated, the risk profiles of these alternate portfolio approaches have not yet been considered. Additionally, previous research ignores important nuances in brand portfolio strategy that are made salient when considering strategic variations on pure Branded House (BH) and House of Brands (HOB) strategies: namely, sub-branding and endorsed branding. We address these gaps by estimating the Carhart four-factor financial model to assess three components of shareholder value (levels of returns, systematic risk, and idiosyncratic risk) and relate them to five strategies along the brand portfolio continuum: branded house, sub-branding, endorsed branding, house of brands and a  hybrid strategy including some combination of these. pdf 2010






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