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Management - Knowledge Management

The Role Of Knowledge Management In Creating Transformational Organizations And Transformational Leaders W. Edward Deming’s theories of management have informed our thinking and practices for four decades.  In addition to informing business practices, his thinking provided a cornerstone in the foundation for the discipline known as knowledge management.  We consider three questions: (1) how do Dr. Deming’s theories align with the current representation of knowledge management? (2) how might today’s knowledge management theory and practice help realize Dr. Deming’s vision? (3) What form of education encourages systemic transformation? This paper begins with a topical map that represents the 21st century view of knowledge management, including its 10 competency areas. Dr. Deming’s theory of management, fourteen points and five leverages are overlaid on the map. The paper suggests that we must move from business management to knowledge management in order to achieve Dr. Deming’s vision. It also proposes that knowledge management education will be the primary driver. This paper proposes two education models: (1) a model for a Master’s degree in Knowledge Management, and (2) a model for a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on knowledge management.  






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