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Management - Change

Leading Change Handbook - Concepts and Tools As a leader of change, you will need not only to develop strategies, but also to project what will happen to various other parts of the system as a result. Whether one begins at the onset of the planning process or is trying to make mid-course corrections, there are key questions to be addressed:

- How can we ensure that what is planned will be well implemented and achieves the original intention?
- What is the best way to start?
- How can we keep getting better at what we do and build those improvements into subsequent plans?
- What would scale and sustainability look like?
- What steps can we build into our planning and implementation to increase the likelihood of sustaining the desired change and expanding its reach?

This handbook is designed to help you address these key questions throughout the change process. It includes six tools, a brief description of the underlying concepts of each and suggestions on how to use the tools and the resulting data. The tools are appropriate for any change circumstance: examining the organization internally, the external environment or even as a self-assessment of what you need to do to carry out each action step. pdf





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