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27 February 2008

All Are Learners This article looks at a mentoring program with students from Berkeley High School and the impact it is having on mentees  
An Open and Honest Conversation about the Mentor-Mentee Relationship A conversation between an experienced teacher and a former student teacher about their mentor-mentee-relationship six years ago.   
Attributes of Effective Mentoring Relationships Partner's Perspective. Results of a survey  
Benefits and Pitfalls of Mentoring Choosing a mentor or mentee can be a powerful moment in your professional life. Making the mentoring relationship work is not always easy and requires time and dedication from both parties. This article will define and explore the mentoring relationship, listing key factors for success.   
Coach, Mentor: Is there a difference? Short summary of the differences between mentors and coaches  
Coaches' Experience of Critical Moments in the Coaching Relationship This paper presents the findings of a qualitative research study into critical moments in the coaching relationship. The research highlighted that critical moments are unforeseen and characterised by intense emotions and anxiety within the coaching relationship.   
Coaching as a Learning Tool This article describes four different models of coaching and illustrates how each facilitates organizational learning. Pdf-file  
Coaching Generation X    
Itís Not Your Fatherís Mentoring Program Once a top-down, senior-to-junior relationship, mentoring has evolved into a multifaceted, flexible process that builds employee retention and development. And in at least one major company, finance took the lead in program development.  
Marketing for the Recruitment of Mentors: A Workbook for Finding and Attracting Volunteers.  TOP
Meeting of Minds - Coaching in real time Does the end result of a coaching encounter really give the full picture? Do participants even see the outcome in the same way? Erik de Haan and his team get under the skin of the coaching conversation to discover its critical moments.   
Mentoring Programs This article looks at how work-based mentoring is helping the school-to-work transition.  
Reverse Mentoring What is Unique about Reverse Mentoring, Survey Results  
Successful Mentoring Programms Best practices, tips and techniques. Slide show. Pdf-file  
The General Manager as Coach of the Team Article on the role of top executives in coaching. Pdf-file  




Crisp: Mentoring, Third Edition : How to Develop Successful Mentor Behaviors (Crisp 50-Minute Book)
by Gordon F. Shea
This book will provide you with the tools to understand the unique role of mentors in today?s workplace, determine the most effective mentoring style for your situation, establish agreements to ensure a successful and rewarding relationship, and avoid behaviors that may interfere with mentee growth and development.

Crisp: Making the Most of Being Mentored : How to Grow from a Mentoring Partnership
by Gordon F. Shea
This book will teach you how to create a strong mentor/mentee relationship, and how to grow from that partnership.

Creating a Mentoring Culture : The Organization's Guide
by Lois J. Zachary
From the author of the best-selling The Mentorís Guide comes the next-step mentoring resource to ensure personnel at all levels of an organization will teach and learn from each other. Written for anyone who wants to embed mentoring within their organization, Creating a Mentoring Culture is filled with step-by-step guidance, practical advice, engaging stories, and includes a wealth of reproducible forms and tools.

Beyond the Myths and Magic of Mentoring: How to Facilitate an Effective Mentoring Process, Revised Edition 
by Margo Murray
A resource for those considering becoming a mentor or looking to improve their mentoring abilities. Offers real examples of what works and what doesn't, providing both sample models and specific guidelines for the design, implementation and evaluation of a facilitated mentoring process within any organization.




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