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01 October 2008

Benefits of Lean Manufacturing Typical results from Lean Manufacturing implementations. Tables detail range of improvement in five areas and 26 metrics. Explanations.  
Bringing 'Lean' Principles to Service Industries Toyota and other top manufacturing companies have embraced, improved, and profited by lean production methods. But the payoffs have not been nearly as dramatic for service industries applying lean principles. 2007  
Can Lean Exit the Tool Age? Lean management advocates have recently begun concerted efforts to push Lean out of the tool age and help people understand Lean as a management system. This article examines what happened when the advocates of an earlier system of management, Scientific Management, sought to change the widely-held view that it was nothing more than a set of tools to improve efficiency. Knowledge of their efforts might help us succeed, provided Lean has not already suffered too much damage.  
Getting More from Lean: Seven Success Factors Why do some companies such as Toyota succeed at lean, while other companies struggle? What do companies with the best outcomes do differently than their less successful peers?   
Glossary Lean Manufacturing Glossary  
How To Compare Six Sigma, Lean and the Theory of Constraints A framework for choosing what’s best for your organization.  
How to control a lean manufacturing system Despite its significant success, kanban control is not a perfect mechanism to control a lean system.  
Inventory & Lean Manufacturing This white paper explores the central role of inventory in Lean Manufacturing systems  
Lean Evolves: The Next R(E)volution "Lean" is more than simply a set of improvement tools. This article reviews some of the primary reasons for lean failures and discusses the importance of developing a lean implementation strategy.   
Lean Manufacturing More plants struggle to adopt lean-manufacturing techniques, learning valuable lessons along the way.   
Lean Manufacturing in the Auto Industry: Kaizening Ourselves to Death. Article from 1995, nevertheless interesting  
Lean Manufacturing: The 3rd Generation Forget everything you think you know about lean manufacturing. Just-in-time production, kanban cards, 5S, set-up reductions and standardized work -- those are all just tools. It's time for the younger crop of U.S. manufacturing leaders to take lean to the next level. Is your company ready for TPS2?  2004  
Lean Principles Another introduction. pdf-file  
Principles of Lean Thinking Lean principles have proven not only to be universal, but to be universally successful at improving results. When appropriately applied, lean thinking is a wellunderstood and well-tested platform upon which to build agile software development practices. 2002  
Quality Management: Strategic Management of Lean  The biggest mistake made by companies considering the use of lean manufacturing is to jump into the water without a strategically focused plan. 2007  
Reducing Set Up Times - A Foundation for Lean Manufacturing Article containing guidelines for reducing machine set-up times. pdf-file  
Setting the Stage for Lean Manufacturing Success Despite careful study of lean production, many manufacturers miss out on lean’s benefits—including lower costs, higher product quality, and greater employee productivity. Why? Beguiled by lean’s business systems and technical tools, they neglect the most important—and least understood—key to executing lean: people systems. pdf 2012 new
Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Sector Findings and Recommendations on Lean Production and Environmental Management Systems in the Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Sector. pdf-file  
So You Want to Get Lean - Kaizen or Kaikaku? The “lean” model is delivering huge operational improvements in a range of industries. But there are several ways to implement lean tools and techniques, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Choose carefully before embarking on the lean journey. This paper explains both approaches and helps to decide which one to follow. pdf  
The Lean Strategies - Manufacturing Excellence Moves to the Value Chain Aberdeen's Lean Strategies Benchmark Report reveals five key market factors for successfully adopting Lean strategies and achieving superior business performance. Pdf-file 2004  
What is “lean” about product development?  What is Lean Product Development? The term has many different meanings. An overview of Lean Product Development 2007  
What is Lean? An introduction, five basic principles of lean manufacturing  
When Lean Companies Stay Fat As Danaher’s Experience demonstrates, lean manufacturing is an exacting discipline requiring a comprehensive view of the business. 2006  


Publications Literature


The R(E)volution of Lean

By Jerry Kilpatrick & Robert Osborne
Lean Manufacturing as a management tool has taken the manufacturing industry by storm, and companies around the globe have adopted Lean methods in many forms and by many names. Large enterprise companies like Toyota, Dell Computer, and Pratt & Whitney have achieved dramatic reductions in delivery time and lowered inventory levels, while increasing responsiveness to customer demand and improving cash flow.
The typical approaches used by most companies today do not provide an optimal return on investment to companies. The “missing link” between Lean goals and successful projects that produce the intended result is a strategy for Lean.
This White Paper explores the "failure factors" of Lean, and an approach to Lean that goes beyond tactical cost-cutting approaches to strategies for enterprise profitability and growth.

Download paper in pdf-format 

Lean Operations and Six Sigma Series
From Tefen Operations Management Consulting

- The first article gives an overview on Characteristics/Attributes of a Lean Operation. (pdf-file)

- The second article some guidelines for a successful implementation of lean tools and techniques in life science industry: Applying Lean Tools and Techniques in Pharmaceutical Environments. (pdf-file)

- The third article is about Taking On Six Sigma Programs. It offers guidelines for in-house and outsourcing decisions. (pdf-file)

- The forth article is a case study about Using the Six-Sigma Methodology to Improve Wafer Fab Productivity (pdf-file)



Lean Production Simplified: A Plain-Language Guide to the World's Most Powerful Production System
by Pascal Dennis, John Shook, Dennis Pascal
This book is a plain language guide to the lean production system. The book is organized around a central image: the "house of lean production", which will help the reader grasp the system and the factors that animate it. Additionally, the book provides an insider’s view of Toyota, and how this company continues to succeed.

Lean Manufacturing Implementation: A Complete Execution Manual for Any Size Manufacturer
by Dennis P. Hobbs
The proven, objective, standardized, and complete "how to" sequential series of progressive steps to Lean manufacturing implementation illustrated in this manual are easy to understand and use to effect factory transformation to lean without the aid of a consultant.

Lean Manufacturing That Works: Powerful Tools for Dramatically Reducing Waste and Maximizing Profits
by Bill Carreira
Introduces the guiding principles behind the lean manufacturing system and shows how to apply it to any shop. Includes how to establish lean manufacturing processes, ensure continuous improvement, control costs, and more.

The Lean Manufacturing Pocket Handbook
by Kenneth Dailey
"The Lean Manufacturing Pocket Handbook" is intended as a reference guide covering the terms, concepts and techniques involved in Lean Manufacturing. It is written in an easy to understand fashion making it useful to both the seasoned Professional and the Novice.





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