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28 December 2006

A Cognitive Approach of Organizational Learning pdf-file. 2004  
A Practice Theory for Organizational Learning In 7 chapters this article describes a practice theory for Organizational Learning that can integrates learning and action to achieve superior results. Chapters 1 through 3 describe the theory. Later chapters focus on examples of application.   
A Simple Introduction to Organizational Learning A description of Organizational Learning in 1000 words or less in terms that any employee could understand.   
Acronyms on Learning, Performance, Training Includes links to a related glossary of terms as well  
Building Learning Organizations The Leader's New Work: Building Learning Organizations, Article by Peter M. Senge  
Commitment Communities of Commitment: The Heart of Learning Organizations, Article by F. Kofman & P.M. Senge  
Commitment to Learning: The Responsibility of Leaders or Employees? pdf-file  
Discussion on OL Discussion forum on OL  
Evolutionary Learning: The Significance for Business Organisation and Strategy The purpose of this working paper is to provide a bridge between the literatures of evolutionary and organisational learning. Although there are substantial parallels between the two literatures, as yet there is no adequate account of evolutionary aspects of organisational learning. pdf-file 2003  
Expatriatesí Contributions to Organizational Learning In light of trends towards globalization with concomitant localization, the knowledge gained by international managers is a crucial resource for organizations seeking to understand and influence their multiple stakeholders in diverse environments. Expatriate managers return from overseas assignments with a wealth of different kinds of knowledge, but active strategies are needed in order for this individual resource to become embedded into the organization. pdf  
Exploration and Exploitation in Organizational Learning This paper considers the relation between the exploration of new possibilities and the exploitation of old certainties in organizational learning. It examines some complications in allocating resources between the two, particularly those introduced by the distribution of costs and benefits across time and space, and the effects of ecological interaction. pdf  
Fieldbook Wide range of information related to Fifth Discipline materials  
Groupware and Organizational Learning Groupware is synergistic with the Learning Organization concepts. If Groupware can truly support communication, collaboration, and coordination, then it will play an important enabling role for the Learning Organization.  
How People Learn Brain, Mind, Experience, and School. Online Book  
How to Optimize Organizational Learning Here are 14 guidelines to help you work with rather than against the inner logic of organizational learning:  
Increasing Organizational Learning Ability Based On A Knowledge Management Quick Scan    
Individual experience and experience working together: Predicting learning rates from knowing who knows what and knowing how to work together. pdf-file  
Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning: Fundamental Concepts for Theory and Practice This paper investigates several issues regarding the nature, domain, conceptual foundations, and practical challenges of knowledge management and organizational learning.   
Learning Histories A Tool For Turning Organizational Experience Into Action  
Learning History MIT research project, provides working paper and bibliography  
Learning Lexicon The Learning Lexicon is an etymological dictionary that allows you to gain a deeper sense of common words such as "learning" and "system" by tracing them back to their original roots. The entries here are excerpted from The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook.   
Learning Management System Evaluation Framework    
Learning Organization in Practice Training should address real organizational problems and emphasize personal development  
Learning Organizations Article, good introduction to the topic, covers teams and systems thinking  
Learning, Remembering, Believing Enhancing Human Performance. Online Book  
On Organizational Learning Summary of the article by Chris Argyris  
Organizational Learning in Smaller Manufacturing Firms Pdf-file. August 2003  
Organizational Learning in Strategic Alliances The Strategic Role of Organizational Learning in Relationship Quality in Strategic Alliances. pdf-file  
Organizational Learning In the Globalization Process Organizational learning is a critical imperative for global strategic effectiveness. Yet few studies of organizational learning about globalization systematically address its process at different organizational levels, or ground theories with in-depth empirical data. This paper presents our analysis of data from a longitudinal ethnographic study on organizational learning with regard to globalization. Using contrasting cases, we explore organizational learning in the context of a professional society developing its global strategy. pdf  
Overview Overview: How it works, what it promises, pitfalls  
Overview II In an interview, Peter Senge responded to some common questions about organizational learning. Includes a link to some milestones in the history of organizational learning.  
Rethinking Leadership in the Learning Organization Article by  Peter M. Senge from 1996. Pdf-file  
Sculpting the LO SCULPTING THE LEARNING ORGANIZATION. Lessons in the Art and Science of Systemic Change Article by K. Watkins & V. Marsick,   
The structuration of organizational learning In this article an attempt is made to develop a social account of organizational learning based upon structuration theory. This results in a comprehensive account of the relationship between individual and organizational learning and an analysis of organizational learning. pdf-file. 2001  
The systems thinker Targets organizational learning and systems thinking practitioners   
Unlearning Ineffective or Obsolete Technologies Often, before they can learn something new, people have to unlearn what they think they already know. That is, they may have to discover that they should no longer rely on their current beliefs and methods. This paper describes eight viewpoints that can help people to do this.  
Why a Learning Organization? Collection of answers to this question  



The Chief Learning Officer (CLO): Driving Value Within a Changing Organization Through Learning and Development 
by Tamar Elkeles, Jack J. Phillips

New business realities and customer demands, coupled with new technologies in a changing competitive landscape are causing corporate learning departments to rethink their value, role, and impact in the organization. In a constantly changing business landscape with limited resources and tight budgets, learning must be viewed as essential to a successful achievement of business goals. The individual driving this function, the Chief Learning Officer (CLO), is in a unique position to add significant value to the organization. The role of the CLO is to drive value, focusing on issues such as business alignment, managing resources, innovation, customer service and ROI. The challenge is to show value to the organization in terms that business leaders and financial analysts can understand and appreciate. Written from the perspective of the CLO, this book discusses nine important value-adding strategies, making up this critical role of the CLO of the future. At least twenty high profile CLOs provide their strategies on each of these issues.


The Corporate University Workbook: Launching the 21st Century Learning Organization
by Kevin Wheeler, Eileen Clegg

The Corporate University Workbook gives you everything you need to create effective, systematic, learning infrastructure within your organization. As a result, you will develop employees who are capable of adapting to rapid changes and who deliver the results your business needs! This resource offers a dynamic combination of practical methodology, best practices, and step-by-step guidance. The Workbook, along with the CD-ROM, are filled with the tools, templates, and activities you need to develop and implement a corporate university.





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