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8 November 2007

A study of workforce management The purpose of this master thesis is to examine the domain of workforce management of mobile workforces. Pdf-file available for download. 2004  
Benefits and Drawbacks Benefits for employers, individuals, social and economic benefits, drawbacks  
Best Practices of Telecommuting pdf-file  
Compensation and Benefits Implications  Article by Gil E. Gordon  
Definitions and Explanations    
FAQs On Telecommuting, Telework and Alternative Officing  
Managers' Turn-Down Tips  Set of guidelines for managers who have to tell people that they won't be telecommuting - and why  
Managing a Mobile Workforce Benefits, disadvantages and critical success factors  
Objection-Handling Guide  Tips on responding to typical objections raised by managers and executives about implementing telecommuting  
Office Work without the Office This article is a good overview of telecommuting basics, policy issues, and the background factors that contribute to interest in telecommuting; By Gil E. Gordon  
Pros & Cons of Telework For the employer, the employee and society  
Psychological Profile Is there a "right" psychological profile for teleworkers?, FAQ-style information  
Quotes about teleworking  
Remote Control How do you captain the good ship enterprise when so many of your crew are working remotely?  
Telework Works: A Compendium of Success Stories This report showcases examples of telework success stories from a variety of jobs and work situations. The Office of Personnel Management undertook this study in recognition of its leadership role to encourage agencies to expand their telework programs.  
The "Last Word" on Productivity  Commentary on the myths and truths about measuring productivity for telecommuters, and doing cost-benefit analysis for telecommuting programs  
Tips for Effective Conference Calls Do's and don'ts for using conference calls more effectively for telecommuters and other remote workers  



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