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17 June 2011

Strategy -
Due Diligence


Research and practical experience show that Due Diligence is a major success factor for any merger or acquisition. On this site we have compiled links to papers about due diligence. They discuss aspects like financial, technical and environmental due diligence as well as intellectual property due diligence or cultural due diligence. You will also find some thoughts on the due diligence process as a whole

Due Diligence Web Directory
Due Diligence Checklists

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Anticorruption Due Diligence in M&A Deals Companies should investigate target companies to assess compliance risk under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.   
Deal making: Using strategic due diligence to beat the odds Diligence is a critical step to test and quantify what seems like a good idea.   
Due Diligence Factors of Success in M&A For European investors seeking to participate in China’s M&A opportunities, due diligence is a critical step, not only for risk reduction but also as a process hurdle — the great majority of Letters of Intent (LOI) never close.  TOP
Due Diligence for B-to-B Media Mergers & Acquisitions Adding a new property to a publishing organization, or combining two organizations, is a strenuous legal and operational challenge.  
Environmental Due Diligence Development and Process.   
HR Due Diligence in a Chinese State Owned Enterprise: Exploring the unseen M&A risks and employment costs. As mergers and acquisitions in Chinese enterprises are becoming increasingly complex, conducting satisfactory due diligence can increase the chance of successful mergers and acquisition integration.  
Intellectual Property: Patent Issues Relating to Acquisitions Conducting Intellectual Property Due Diligence. Thorough and comprehensive Intellectual Property (IP) due diligence requires much more than compiling a listing of the company�s IP assets.   
M&A Due Diligence - More Than Just Financial Organisational Due Diligence. Discover how the least known form of due diligence can have a profound impact on the integration of a merger or acquisition.    
M&A Due Diligence and its Consequences for Post-Acquisition Financial Statements Acquirers performing more due diligence are less likely to recognize post-acquisition goodwill impairments. This result is consistent with greater due diligence contributing to improved identification and measurement of the identifiable net assets acquired in M&A.   
Market Due Diligence (MDD) Analysis of Companies from the Market Point of View.   
The 360-Degree View By taking a complete look at all the relevant sources of value and risk, the chances of a successful acquisition increase significantly.  


Due Diligence Checklists
Checklist and Issues to Consider Issues to consider in due diligence (questions by topic) and checklist table. The last one constitutes a list of materials which should be reviewed for any financing. Pdf  
Comprehensive M&A due diligence checklist for buyers This is a comprehensive 30-page document with issues to be looked at during a due diligence process. TOP
Creating a Practical and Useful Due Diligence Checklist Key to creating a useful checklist is understanding the goal of the transaction particularly in terms of what is driving the deal. Focus is on intellectual property DD.   
Data Room Checklist This document contains a detailed due diligence checklist that has been compiled from many years of M&A projects. It claims to be one of the most extensive and comprehensive due diligence checklists available for free on the internet. Pdf  
Due Diligence check list The following check list contain the typical, itself in the Due Diligence process to putting questions. In particular the technological Due Diligence is strongly covered. Check list in English and German language.   
Due Diligence Checklist Covers: corporate records, business contracts, legal / financial, property, intellectual property, management / employees, litiation, insurance, legal-regulations and filings, miscellaneous.   
Information security due diligence checklist Identifying information security risk for web applications requires a comprehensive and thorough analysis. This checklist includes information and documents which would typically form a request at the start of a due diligence investigation.  
Sample Due Diligence Checklist Checklist for the Due Diligence Process: Financial information, products, customer information, competition, marketing sales and distribution, research and development, management and personnel, legal.   


Publications Literature

How to deal with the 4 types of M&A activity
By Bryan Hattingh
BRYAN HATTINGH, CEO of leadership solutions group Cycan, says there are various types of mergers and acquisitions and that companies would do well to consider the principles behind each before signing on the dotted line.

Mergers and Corporate Culture
It is widely recognized that cultural differences between the partners of a merger are one of the most common reasons for failure in mergers. The development of a new, shared culture is a critical factor for merger success. It is possible to manage this process in a structured way.
This article gives a brief introduction into the concept of corporate culture and explains, why it is so important in mergers

Vision as Key Factor in Merger Processes
The post-merger integration process is a difficult and complex task. It comes along with long lists of activities and tasks that have to be fulfilled within a short time and partly with incomplete information (e.g. formation of new teams and departments). There are many opportunities to exploit and many decisions to take. However, as long as there is no vision for the new organization that is well known to everybody, there is no use in investing too much effort in all these issues. The vision for the new organization has to come first.



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Due Diligence: An M&A Value Creation Approach
by William J. Gole
This nuts-and-bolts guide examines all aspects of an M&A due diligence - from coming to the decision to acquire a company, to who should be on the due diligence team, to the actual process and the final report and post-closing follow up. It advocates a focus on both risk mitigation and shareholder value creation, and emphasizes a holistic approach that spans from planning to post-acquisition integration.

The AMA Handbook of Due Diligence
by William M. Crilly
This book is the most complete guide available on how to properly perform a due diligence investigation — and radically improve the success rate of a pending corporate merger or acquisition. The new edition of this long-trusted resource includes a CD-ROM packed with almost 400 customizable forms and templates for recording and analyzing every possible operational or financial activity at any organization.

Checklists for Due Diligence
by Peter Howson
The author takes you through the due diligence process itself from legal, financial and commercial to employment and IT, and guides you through the collection. Each checklist includes a short introduction that enables you to make the best use of the material.

Due Diligence: Planning, Questions, Issues
by Gordon Bing
Bing breaks down the due-diligence process in detail and shows readers how to investigate, step-by-step, a business with an eye to buying or investing in it. In addition, the author identifies the techniques to employ, the questions to ask, the documents to review, and the issues to explore to reach intelligent conclusions about an acquisition.

Due Diligence for Global Deal Making: The Definitive Guide to Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Joint Ventures, Financings, and Strategic Alliances
by Arthur H. Rosenbloom (Editor)
This new book is an invaluable guidebook for companies trying to capitalize on the opportunities in both developed and emerging cross-border markets. Expanding businesses must answer difficult questions, such as: Why (if at all) should we do this deal? What are the rules going in and what happens if things go wrong? Where are the tax, legal, financial, and operational traps and what are the opportunities? 
Find a 50 page excerpted chapter from this book on the website of Bain & Company (pdf-format).

The Art of M&A Due Diligence, Second Edition: Navigating Critical Steps and Uncovering Crucial Data
by Alexandra Reed Lajoux, Charles M. Elson
This book is a question and answer resource that focuses on the msot critical steps in the M&A process. Drawing on the experience of 100 experts, Lajoux shows non-lawyers how to navigate due diligence and how to uncover data that can break a deal. Featuring global perspectives and special insights for small businesses, manufacturers, and service companies, this primer is essential for everyone involved in M&As.

Due Diligence Techniques and Analysis: Critical Questions for Business Decisions
by Gordon Bing
Gordon Bing provides a unique, comprehensive, one-volume source of information and guidance. His book will help investors research, evaluate, and understand an existing or proposed business not only from a financial standpoint, but also from equally important nonfinancial standpoints. It provides a full explanation of the due diligence process, including systematic methods to determine the information you need, why you need it, and how to get it.

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