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HR - Strategic Human Resources Management / HR Strategy

Emerging Market Talent Strategies Creating an effective global talent model.

Managing talent effectively in emerging markets takes a flexible approach that can help open the flow of ideas between markets and provide localized approaches.

In the past, global business and talent strategies typically ran in one direction: from north to south, from developed markets to emerging markets. But the BRIC economies have since matured as global growth engines, and countries in the new tier of emerging markets are establishing themselves as growing economies and growing sources of talent. As a result, the “north-to-south” model is becoming outdated. Companies looking for fresh new approaches to their most pressing talent challenges should consider “south-to-south” or “south-to-north” strategies, particularly as they extend their global reach further into Asia and Africa. Eventually, the lessons learned in BRIC countries and other emerging markets could drive talent strategies around the world.







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