How to Compete with The Big Guys as a Small Business

Taking on a large corporation in an industry can seem like an insurmountable task for a small business. The fact is that many small companies cannot compete because they cannot lower prices enough to beat the large competitor. While some of these companies cannot compete with corporations, there are plenty that are able to take […]

The Strategy IS the Brand. Or: How Can You Create Your Very Own Monopoly?

About 95% of what executives in competing companies do is pretty much the same all around. This is good management. If you are CEOing a wireless communication services provider, you strive to have an advanced technological infrastructure with a promising future, cool end-user phones, other devices and accessories, a great service system, attractive added-value services, […]

The Eternal Principles for Creating Luxury Brands

Attracting wealthy customers is potentially very profitable. In order to be successful, it requires different approaches than the regular marketing strategy. Dr. Dan Herman, our guest author, states that this … … involves a deep understanding of their psychological need, of their lifestyle, of the role of brands in their world and in their relationships […]

Market Segmentation – Why is it Important?

Steps from market segmentation to marketing planning

Market segmentation is an important basis of many successful marketing strategies. Carefully chosen segments allow tailoring the marketing mix to more individual customer needs. Thus, they help to invest marketing spending more effectively. This article explains what market segmentation is, it discusses why it is important and what advantages it yields. Finally, the article provides […]

Understanding and Managing Customer Perception

Customer perception is more important today than ever before

Different customers may perceive one and the same product or service in different ways. A customer’s perception of an offering may even deviate from what the producer or service provider or marketer had intended. This may cause serious problems in today’s attention economy. Everybody is exposed to more and more diverse information than ever before. […]