Coaching – Two Hour Brainstorming

You’re struggling with a specific problem of your business strategy or your growth plan?

You’ve read the theory, but you still don’t know how to apply it to your company?

You’ve filled in the boxes, but are still waiting for the brilliant strategy to reveal?

You wonder how on earth all this strategy stuff is supposed to work in real life for your business?

You are not alone!
These are everyday challenges for businesses of every size – from startup to global player.

The truth is that it’s not enough to read a textbook and to fill in some strategy templates.

You need to get a feel for the options you have.
You have to dare to adjust theoretic concepts to your needs.
You have to make sure you and your colleagues have a common understanding of what you are doing.

In short: you need real world experience in working with management models and tools.
But you have a specific problem now. You need a solution now. You don’t have the time to get this practical experience.

That’s where I come in.
You can make my experience work for you.

Dagmar Reckies - Strategy expert and coachMy name is Dagmar Recklies and I have been through many of these situations during my 20 years of work experience as an internal and external strategy consultant.
I have helped startups and businesses in turnaround situations to develop a feasible business plan.
I set up a group-wide strategic planning process for an industry leader with multinational operations.
I have helped social institutions to position themselves to successfully operate in the marketplace …

My philosophy is to enable businesses to solve their challenges on their own. I’ll guide you through this process.

These are some of the questions I can help you answering

  • How to grow your business
  • How to position your business in the marketplace and how to identify your target customers
  • How to set up an appropriate individual strategic planning process
  • Which tools to use in this process
  • How to monitor results and progress
  • How to tackle specific challenges in your strategic planning and business planning

My coaching is right for you if

  • You have a specific question about your strategic planning and business planning
  • You need somebody to help you thinking about this question
  • You want some outside thinking to help you to get out of your mental box
  • You need a gentle nudge in the right direction to move on by yourself
  • You want to be coached to find the solution yourself
  • You want to take the fast track to learn about what is working in the real world

My coaching is not for you if

  • You expect me to solve your task for you
  • You expect me to write your analysis, report, or assignment, or to design your process
    (I can do that as well, but that would be a different project. Just ask me!)

My coaching is for strategists as well as for startups and total beginners. No matter if you already have work experience in this field or if you just decided that your business finally needs a strategy – I’d like to work with you. I’ll be your “sparring partner” in your search for your solution.

This is how we do it.

Step 1: Free of charge analysis

You’re certainly wondering now, whether my coaching will be helpful for you. I am asking myself the same question.

Therefore, the first step of my analysis is free of charge for you.

  • You describe your question or your problem as detailed as you can.
  • I’ll ask you some additional questions and may send you a questionnaire; we briefly discuss the issue.
  • I thoroughly think through your task and tell you what I can do for you.
  • During this stage, we also check if we really want to work together. We will be productive only if the “chemistry is right” between as.

Content:              Initial analysis, suggestions for a solution approach
Duration:             about 20 minutes
Cost:                     0 EUROs

Stage 2: Brainstorming and Action Plan

As soon as we both agree on our joint project, I set myself to work.

I’ll do my homework and write everything down that comes to my mind for your task.

I’ll analyze your problem and make specific suggestions on how to solve it.

I’ll explain these suggestions to you in detail via telephone or Skype. During this two hour brainstorming we will discuss how you can achieve your target in a step-by-step approach.

When finished with that, you’ll get your easy to follow action plan. Depending on your task, this plan will include:

  • the steps you need to take to solve your business problem
  • advise on which tools to use and which processes to implement
  • potential barriers to implementation and how to overcome them
  • a personalized mind map with the findings from our brainstorming

Content:              action plan + one-to-one brainstorming
Duration:             up to 2 hours
Cost:                     250 EUROs

After this stage, you will be able to go on with your task by yourself!

Stage 3: Mentoring

I know that people tend to get lost in complex tasks. I too am inclined to spend too much time for minor activities.

If you realize that you’re struggling again, you can refer back to me.

If you want me to have another look at your advanced project, I’ll help you.
Normally, a brief discussion will be enough to bring you back on track.

Therefore, I offer to contact me again so that we can talk about this your problem once again.

Content:              further motivation and tackling of problems
Duration:             30 minutes
Cost:                     100 EUROs

Would you like to learn more about we work?
Have a look at our case study and read how we helped a kindergarten to reposition itself in order to attract more parents and children.
Case Study – Repositioning of a Kindergarten

What are you waiting for? 

Stop spending useless hour to search for a solution that is easier to find with a little help.

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