Create Enticing Brands, not “Lovemarks”

By Dr. Dan Herman Allow me to shorten for you an old but not outdated joke. A new divorcee, first-hand from an advertising professional, asks her new partner, a minute before getting into bed together, to be gentle with her because she is still a virgin. “But you were married…” the man wonders. “Yes” the […]

The PEST Analysis


The PEST analysis has proven to be a flexible and easy to understand tool in the context of strategic planning. As with any other tool, the real value of the PEST analysis depends on the way it is used. Hence, the following article not only describes the content of this tool, it also provides advice […]

The SWOT Model

By Dagmar Recklies Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats When I started to write this paper about the SWOT-model, I compiled theory and researched literature. This is part 1 of this paper. However, after several years of practical experience with the SWOT, I found this was not enough. I have worked as a consultant […]

Motivation – Basic Concepts and Theories

This is the extended and updated version of the original article from 2000. Dagmar Recklies This overview is compiled from Michael Armstrong’s book Armstrong’s Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice. Additional information has been added. It intends to give a brief overview on the most important concepts and theories of motivation. According to Arnold, there […]

What Makes a Good Change Agent?

What makes a good change agent

In the light of the many problems and risks associated with change projects, the change agent[1] has a very important function. The change agent’s or change leader’s capabilities have a major impact on success or failure of the project, and on the extent of potential unwanted side-effects. The following article describes required capabilities of good […]

When to develop strategic measures

Strategic measures serve to realize strategic objectives on corporate level or business unit level. They may comprise actions, projects, programs, and initiatives. As such, they have a medium to long-term impact on the business. Often they go hand in hand with significant investments and thus, bear significant risks. Hence, strategic measures should be based on […]