How do you build true team spirit?

Work in teams is part of daily life – in business, in education, in sports and more. We all know that teams with a high spirit and strong sense of togetherness have better chances of success. But how do we actually achieve this team spirit?

The Last Iceman Strategy – high profit potential but no sure-fire success

A Last Iceman Strategy is an approach for products or industries that come to the end of their lifecycle. The last supplier to survive industry decline has the chance to generate significant profits for a long time. You probably know that much. But do you know where this strategy got its name from? Do you […]

In Tough Times, ‘Hyper-Creatives’ Provide Creative Advantage

Every change in the marketplace, every upheaval in the economy, every shift in technology, and every change in consumer attitudes and outlook creates opportunities for successful new products. Since these changes are amplified during tough times, new product opportunities are actually more numerous during economic turbulence. The companies that develop and deploy new products during […]

Financial Modelling for strategic planning – Use these proven best practices to improve results and credibility!

Example of an input section of a financial model

For many strategists, self-developed Excel sheets are the tool of choice to support strategic planning. Despite its popularity, Excel and other spreadsheet programs have their downsides. I have discussed the pros and cons as well as some alternatives in an earlier article. However, by following a set of proven best practices, you can minimize these […]

The Eternal Principles for Creating Luxury Brands

Attracting wealthy customers is potentially very profitable. In order to be successful, it requires different approaches than the regular marketing strategy. Dr. Dan Herman, our guest author, states that this … … involves a deep understanding of their psychological need, of their lifestyle, of the role of brands in their world and in their relationships […]

Excel spreadsheets for strategic planning – use with care!

Excel spreadsheet used as a template for strategic planning

Are you one of those strategic planners who rely on Excel spreadsheets? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Excel is and remains fairly popular in strategic planning. However, there is no denying – Excel is not the perfect solution for this purpose. There are some significant risks and downsides. In this article, I discuss the […]

The Boston Box, also known as Growth-Share-Matrix

The Boston Box or Growth-Share-Matrix: Four boxes according to relative market share and market growth

The Boston Box is a well-known tool for corporate portfolio management. It is striking for its simplicity. All information needed is easily obtainable and the conclusions are straightforward. However, it is exactly this simplicity that makes the Boston Box – or Growth-Share-Matrix – a false friend. This article explains the theory, discusses strategies to be […]

Management By Simplicity

Sometimes, management and strategy seem to be fairly complicated issues: everything is complex, interdependent, dynamic … Popular writers as well as business schools keep telling us how difficult it is to get all these things right. Everything else will lead to failure. Our guest author Praveen Kumar. S shares some stories about businesses with very […]

Internal Communication of Change

In this paper I will discuss one specific reason for failure of effective internal communication of change. My hypothesis is that change is communicated by the wrong people. It is not that these people are unwilling or not experienced enough. But that they are too deeply into the issue. Hence, they simply don’t know how […]

Early indicators in business – use with care!

Sample image for an early indicators dashboard

Early indicators are a popular tool when it comes to planning and forecasting in business. “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future” , as Nobel laureate Nils Bohr once said. Hence, managers and planners desperately search for some early signs that help to improve the quality of the guess about the future. […]