Does Your Business Need Web Conferencing?

Does Your Business Need Web Conferencing?

The massive growth in video consumption is already taking advertising companies by storm. In 2015, about 96 percent of households in Germany had internet access Europa reports. And as video consumption now accounts for as much as 50 percent of all mobile traffic, it’s safe to say that a lot of users are spending their […]

How to Compete with The Big Guys as a Small Business

Taking on a large corporation in an industry can seem like an insurmountable task for a small business. The fact is that many small companies cannot compete because they cannot lower prices enough to beat the large competitor. While some of these companies cannot compete with corporations, there are plenty that are able to take […]

How to Foster Diversity in Your Workplace

Diversity is a hot-button issue and one of the most important philosophical discussions occurring in America and in the global business world today. From politicians to educators to bloggers, it seems that everyone has an opinion on what diversity means, how important it is, and how to encourage it in the workplace. All these voices […]

Can Finance Really Become a Strategic Partner to the Business? Corporate Portfolio Management may be the Answer

Two Levers of Corporate Portfolio Management: Portfolio theory and organizational behavior

Much has been written about how finance organizations can become strategic partners with the businesses they support. While purported experts point to a variety of frameworks, scorecards and key performance indicators, etc. as the keys to bridging the gap between finance and business, these trite ‘solutions’ have done little to make finance the strategic business […]

Dark Energy in the Digital Age

The advertising media landscape is aglitter with new possibilities. Websites are universal. Social media is everywhere. Mobile is pervasive. Massive shifts of media dollars away from traditional media (television, radio, print) to the new digital media are evident everywhere. Advertising budgets are often reduced as brands transition to greater use of digital media. Along with […]

Nine Pitfalls of Organizational Change

This is a guest article from David Chaudron, PhD The Wall St. Journal has many times reported on the struggling efforts of companies trying to effectively change their organization. With such national focus on the needs of organizations to respond to today’s volatile climate, why all the failure? Based on our experience, there are several […]