Management By Simplicity

Sometimes, management and strategy seem to be fairly complicated issues: everything is complex, interdependent, dynamic … Popular writers as well as business schools keep telling us how difficult it is to get all these things right. Everything else will lead to failure. Our guest author Praveen Kumar. S shares some stories about businesses with very […]

Internal Communication of Change

In this paper I will discuss one specific reason for failure of effective internal communication of change. My hypothesis is that change is communicated by the wrong people. It is not that these people are unwilling or not experienced enough. But that they are too deeply into the issue. Hence, they simply don’t know how […]

Early indicators in business – use with care!

Sample image for an early indicators dashboard

Early indicators are a popular tool when it comes to planning and forecasting in business. “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future” , as Nobel laureate Nils Bohr once said. Hence, managers and planners desperately search for some early signs that help to improve the quality of the guess about the future. […]

Leading strategic initiatives under uncertainty

At first glance, this seems to be an article about uncertainty and how to handle it in the context of strategy. However, it actually is about governing strategic initiatives. The key question is: What is the best way to move from a company strategy to … a stream of initiatives that will deliver it? The […]

Welcome back!

As you can see, has undergone a complete makeover. It was more than time to make this site more modern and user friendly. Please come in and have a look at the result! I’d like to give you a quick tour to show you where to find what.

Thoughts on the Lifecycle of Corporations

analogy of corporate lifecycles and a population pyramid

Presumably, a description of all existing companies by age would look similar to a typical population pyramid (without latest effects of excessive aging of populations in some economies). Experience shows that the time span of successful corporate activity is not endless in most cases. Of course, there are many corporations with a history of 50 […]

Management models and tools – what they can do and what they cannot do

Management models and tools

Management models and tools – as the SWOT or the 7s-Model – are discussed controversially. Some people use them as important tools for analyzing businesses and developing strategies. Others call them “buzzwords”, used by consultants to boost their profile. The truth about the value of management models probably lies somewhere in between. So what should […]

The Worst Thing about Best Practices

A colleague asked me to review a client proposal and, at first glance, it looked like a winner. The proposal was short, and it laid out the client’s problem in clear, crisp language. Plus, the team was a great match for the project. I thought, how refreshing — a jargon-free, informative proposal. Then I read […]