Does Your Business Need Web Conferencing?

Does Your Business Need Web Conferencing?

The massive growth in video consumption is already taking advertising companies by storm. In 2015, about 96 percent of households in Germany had internet access Europa reports. And as video consumption now accounts for as much as 50 percent of all mobile traffic, it’s safe to say that a lot of users are spending their time watching videos online. That’s the market companies want to capture. But if you’re hardly adept at any kind of video technology, adding this to your infrastructure might not be easy.

Finding a good web conferencing solution—with solid webcasting features—is a good place to start. Not convinced you need one? Read on to find out what your business can get out of a good web conferencing tool:

Less Travel Times

Need to meet up with a client? No need to get behind the wheel and drive to that restaurant or café for a meet. You can reach out to your client through a video call. You won’t have to waste time on traveling just to get the job done.

Less Stress

Everyone knows just how stressful commutes can be. If you work in Berlin and live 2 hours away, that’s going to mean hours of commuting or driving back and forth. With video calls, you can skip those travel times and the stress that come with them. You can easily work from the comfort of your own home instead of fighting through the commute, exhaustion and stress of dealing with passengers.

More Work

It’s easy to consult with remote or offsite coworkers and colleagues. If you need a hand with one of your projects, you won’t have to swing by the branch office for a face to face consultation. A video call makes it easy for you to get a hold of your colleague and ask for advice or help. You won’t even have to leave your desk. You could do that consult and have plenty of time left to get to the other things on your to-do list for the day. That’s how much work you can finish when you don’t have to travel for meetings during the day.

Less Travel Costs

Companies no longer have to spend as much money on travel costs. Web conferencing services from reliable companies like BlueJeans make it easy for companies to provide training to their staff online. Want to put all your management employees in one room for a session? Video solutions now offer webcasts with broadcasting quality so you could do a town hall meeting with all your employees, including your remote employees, in a way that’s simple and cost-effective. The right service makes all these possible.

Improved Hirin

Video has also made HR tasks like interviews and hiring much faster. Doing the initial interview sessions though video allows recruiters to get a better gauge on the candidate. It also makes it easy to hire employees who meet the qualifications of the job, whether they’re local or remote. That way, company’s ca hire the right people for the job instead of being constrained by the local talent pool.

Better Managemen

Video calls, conferencing and webcasts have made it easier for managers to run their remote teams much more effectively and efficiently. These tools have made it easy and convenient to touch base with employees, no matter where they happen to be, ensuring high productivity and better work performance. That’s also given employees a chance to enjoy…

More Balanc

Video calls mean employees can keep in touch from anywhere, says Lifewire. That’s given them the chance to work from home, giving them greater control over their day. With more time on their hands, employees can spend hours with their kids or families. Instead of rushing to work in the mornings and coming home late when the kids are asleep, parents can now spend those hours with their children and develop better inter-personal relationships. That’s the kind of leeway your employees can get when video conferencing and calls are a part of your communication infrastructure.

Better Retentio

Sweden has just announced the country’s move to a 6-hour workday. That’s just one of the many signs of how more employees are demanding flexibility at work. And companies that don’t provide those options will soon find themselves losing their best people. If you want to retain your best employees, providing them with flexible solutions is key. With video conferencing, you can do so without compromising on performance and productivity.

Future Growt

Any company that knows how to use video technology—like video calls and webcasts—to their advantage will know how to do well in the future. By adopting to these technologies, your company is positioned right at the forefront of change and innovation, ensuring your business stays relevant to your consumer market. If you don’t want your competition to bury you, being up to date with the latest tools and systems matters. Now ask yourself: does my business need a video conferencing solution? You already know the answer.